What's your ceiling?

areas of expertise

When it comes to digital solutions, there are many ways to get from point A to point B. At Above Media, we believe every problem we solve and every goal we meet should be exceptional, uncomplicated, and take the most direct path to accomplish its goal.

web development

We specialize in PHP/MySQL and .NET/SQL development, including all popular content management systems and e-commerce systems such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Zen-Cart, OpenCommerce, and many others. In addition to being well versed in all the major third party systems, our developers love to start from scratch and tackle the most complex and demanding applications. We are just as happy to jump into existing projects or provide end-to-end solutions. Our developers work hand-in-hand with our designers, architects, and QA experts so the final result has no surprises.

web design

We build interfaces, not just pretty faces. A web site or online application can't just look good from a distance. It must be intuitive and inviting. Our designers incorporate all of the latest trends in design, while focusing on the end result to make it easy to use and understand. Above Media designs are tightly connected to the structure of the site so end-users don't have to think about what to do, they just know. Our work speaks for itself so please visit our portfolio.


We understand that information architecture is the single most important element to navigability. We spend time upfront to ensure the structure of the site (we like to call this the "empty buckets" where content goes) is as flat as possible. We work with our clients to organize all of the buckets so users can find the content their looking for with the fewest possible clicks.

branding & identity

Creating and maintaining a healthy brand is vitally important to the success of our clients. We love creating new identities for startups and new brands as well as modernizing outdating ones. Every project we work on carries our client's identity throughout so end-users are instantly familiar with the brand.

content development & copywriting

It's important to communicate concisely and with a tone that matches the brand. At Above Media, our content experts work closely with our clients to ensure the message is delivered with the most impact. We can provide full content creation (from sticky notes or a conference call), partial content creation, or if the content has already been written, just make sure the message is consistent and free of grammatical errors.

graphic design

Even though the Internet has become the main source of contact between clients and companies, marketing doesn't stop with a web site. Brochures, letterhead, business cards, corporate reports, press kits, and advertisements need to reflect the growing strength of a business. When working with Above Media, we ensure that this message is carried throughout all mediums. Our designers love to create beautiful and stunning designs that are impactful and relevant. When you remove the interface (as you have with a web site), you can let creativity run the show.

search engine marketing

We help businesses get found with strategy and analysis, not luck. It's not enough for us to change a few keywords on the page and hope that users find the site. We want to know exactly how the changes we make affect the rankings. Our search engine marketing services are some of the most advanced solutions available. We utilize technologies that can track form submissions, email links, and phone calls, as well as record sales calls for review, if necessary.

web hosting

We love to host our client's web sites and ensure they are running 100% of the time. We have our own dedicated servers in a fully redundant network, with battery and diesel backup power, offsite daily data backups, and a whole lot of other cool sounding stuff that ensures your site is secure and running smoothly. Plans start at $99/month and include email hosting and free support. Need dedicated hosting? We can help facilitate that and even provide complex hosting with clustering, load balancing, and anything else your application might need. Contact us for more details.

e-commerce merchant services

Many of our e-commerce customers need merchant services. After searching for several years, we feel E-onlinedata offers the best combination of customer service and low rates. If you need to add an Internet gateway to your existing solution, setup a new merchant account, or you are looking to switch merchant accounts, apply now for a new merchant account.